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Where Elegance Matters

In certain contexts, alongside practicality, aesthetics also play a significant role. It's to adapt to the most prestigious spaces that Falpi's SOlight Housekeeping trolleys were born. Among their strengths are sturdiness, an elegant structure crafted from steel and aluminum, functionality, and a perfect fit in prestigious and luxurious environments.



Maniglie SOlight

The ergonomic handle represents an essential element for the optimal use of the trolleys in the SOlight line.

Featuring a practical stainless steel structure with a black foam grip, this ergonomic handle offers numerous advantages for operators working with the trolleys. Its ergonomic shape has been specially designed to fit the human hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

The comfort of the ergonomic handle translates into increased productivity in the workplace. Operators can work for longer periods without experiencing hand fatigue or pain. Additionally, the handle facilitates smooth movements of the trolley, enabling precise maneuvering even in tight spaces.

In addition to its practicality, the ergonomic handle also offers an elegant and aesthetically pleasing design: the polished steel provides the trolley with a modern and professional look, while the black grip complements the trolley's structure color, enhancing the overall image and contributing to creating an appealing work environment.



The rolling shutter, a simple and functional element in the use of the SOlight Housekeeping trolleys in the 1 and 2 Loop and Loop Pro lines.

This small but essential element adds a discreet yet functional touch to the trolleys, enhancing the experience for both staff and guests. The rolling shutter allows for easy opening and closing of the SOlight Housekeeping trolley with a simple gesture, without adding bulk in hallways or creating annoying obstacles.

The discreet appearance of the rolling shutter perfectly complements the overall design of the SOlight trolleys, characterized by their simplicity of lines and colors, easily adapting to any type of decor, from classic to modern.


The storage bag increases the load capacity of the SOlight Housekeeping trolley

When it comes to optimizing efficiency and versatility in housekeeping services, the storage bag is an essential accessory for the SOlight Housekeeping trolleys.

Available in two sizes, this bag offers a practical and functional solution to significantly increase the trolleys' load capacity. Its versatility allows for easy attachment on the side or back of the trolley, providing extra organization for tools, materials, and items necessary during cleaning operations.


Some models of SOlight Housekeeping trolleys are equipped with a double bag holder kit, essential for waste separation.

This additional kit allows housekeeping staff to efficiently separate waste and recyclable materials during cleaning operations in hotel rooms and common areas.

The ability to handle waste separation in an organized and straightforward manner not only promotes the hotel's environmental sustainability but also facilitates responsible waste disposal.

With the dual bag holder kit, SOlight Housekeeping trolleys once again prove to be a smart choice for hotels aiming to offer efficient and environmentally respectful housekeeping services.

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