Established in 1987, Falpi has emerged as a dynamic, innovative, and competitive company in the production of industrial cleaning articles.

A wide range of Made in Italy products, production flexibility, service quality, and swift deliveries stand as Falpi's strengths. It's a continuously growing company investing in technological research and environmental certification of its products.

Recently, Falpi expanded its warehouse and relocated its logistics hub to a modern, strategically positioned facility near the highway. This significant step further boosted the company's capability to efficiently manage shipments and ensure even faster and more reliable delivery times.

Falpi's products: modular and customizable, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

In a world where there's a growing trend to relocate production to low-cost labor countries, Falpi chooses to remain faithful to the quality of genuine Made in Italy, defending the value of Italian production and its benefits in terms of attention to people and the environment. These values are not mere words but firm pillars of an ethical approach to be pursued in every phase, from design to production, to after-sales service.

Falpi's professional cleaning products - designed for cleaning companies, hospitals, businesses, and communities - are made from entirely recyclable materials and can be customized according to customer needs. Choosing a Falpi product means selecting an item of the highest quality, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Today, the word "quality" encompasses various elements that, collectively, contribute to creating a system of company-society-environment where we can find our place and to which we contribute.

A company has the duty to engage not only with the market but also with the external world it inhabits; a world that influences it and is influenced by it. An enterprise can either be a source of well-being or, if mismanaged, of "discomfort".

Just as one cannot choose a product without assessing its environmental and social impact, quality cannot solely be synonymous with good economics but must be an expression of Social Quality.