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Where Maximum Functionality Blends with the Elegance of Simplicity

In the hospitality realm, every detail counts: even for B&Bs and 2 or 3-star hotels, the organization and presentation of housekeeping services play a fundamental role in offering a positive guest experience. This is where our line of SOchic trolleys comes into play.




The SOchic line epitomizes elegance. The two captivating available color schemes, wood and trama, seamlessly integrate with your space's decor and atmosphere, offering a sophisticated and enticing aesthetic. These trolleys are meticulously designed to harmonize with any style, from classical to modern furnishings, ensuring a neat and refined appearance that enhances the surrounding environment.






Depending on the model you choose, you can benefit from two or three internal shelves. This variation allows optimizing the trolley's internal space based on what you wish to transport or store within it. The shelves provide sturdy and stable support for your materials, enabling you to carefully organize the items necessary for housekeeping services, from linens to cleaning supplies.
In both cases, the goal is to offer maximum flexibility and functionality to ensure that the trolley best meets your specific needs. The ability to customize the number and arrangement of shelves is another advantage of SOchic trolleys, demonstrating our commitment to providing practical and versatile solutions for the hospitality sector.


Ringhiera SOchic

The railing located on the top of SOchic trolleys represents an intelligent and functional feature that adds versatility and safety during housekeeping operations.
This railing is designed to offer stable support for trays, buckets, containers, or other items you might need to temporarily place on the trolley. Its presence prevents these items from slipping or falling during transportation or while using the trolley. Thanks to this solution, your housekeeping staff can work more efficiently and safely, contributing to maintaining the organized appearance of the trolley itself, adding a touch of practicality and safety to your housekeeping routine.



Models 1 and 2 of the SOchic line are equipped with a drawer, which represents a valuable element for organization and practicality in B&B and hotel housekeeping.
The drawer provides dedicated space to safely and neatly store small items and materials needed during cleaning and room preparation operations.
Having a drawer offers increased security, protecting sensitive items from dirt, dust, or external contaminants.





In the SOchic Mono and Dual models, an external lateral bag holder is available, offering dedicated support for the organized and efficient collection and transport of waste or used linens.
These external bag holders allow an increase in collection capacity without compromising the trolley's internal space, making operations more efficient. Additionally, they enable simpler and quicker waste or linen management, contributing to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the trolley.
If separate waste collection is a priority, these external bag holders can be used to efficiently segregate materials.

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