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SOchic 1.1 Easy Mono

SOchic 1.1 Easy Mono

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The SOchic 1.1 Easy Mono is a model from the SOchic line characterized by a "medium" base and low upright, together with a lateral bag holder. This trolley is known for its economic convenience, sturdiness and the quality of the materials used.

With a choice of two charming color variations: wood effect and texture effect, the SOchic 1.1 Easy Mono offers functionality and style in one solution. Thanks to its compact design and high-quality performance, it is the ideal choice for improving organization and operational efficiency in an economical way, without sacrificing quality.


Standard equipment

1 x Base "medium"

4 x Low uprights

1 x Set of nylon wheels Ø 125 mm (two with brake)

1 x Lower bag holder

1 x Nylon bag with zip

1x Single upper bag holder with 2 arches

1 x Lid for 120 L bag

2 x Internal shelves

8 x Bumpers

1 x Upper railing "medium"



111 x 51 x 111 cm (h)



AISI 304 stainless steel



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